Ultimate Aero Ektar - SOLD to a very lucky person

 One of the nicest, and latest, Kodak Aero Ektar 7 inch, f2.5 lenses I have seen. With a date code of 1950, this beautiful, slim example has the advantage of lighter weight and smaller OD that can be very useful in tight spaces.  The rear thread of this Aero Ektar is the same as any AE you will see, and fits in the JoLo mount and many other Aero Ektar mounts. The threads are smooth and clean.

The glass is wonderful and appears to have a multicoating on it! I cannot tell for sure but the color of the coating does appear to be of a later variety, and it is defect-free, with no cleaning marks and certainly no scratches. It is clean, and clear, with some evidence of the usual yellowing of the thorium elements, lightened some after a short exposure to some short wave light, and probably destined to go lighter still.

The aperture ring is smooth and this example appears to have no click stops.  Inside there is a bit of what we call Schneideritis which is the interior only effect of all Schneider lenses that can be seen a bit in one of the pictures. Imagine if this lens was made by them. I don't know.  There is also one very small bump that can be seen inside that looks like something from the factory, perhaps 3mm in size, that is apparently not a defect, just something that can be seen with close scrutiny. As can be seen in a later image, the hood area is excellent though with a few slight scratches, almost unnoticeable near the TWO DOTS. One yellow, and another purple dot.  RC109,Yellow Purple.  My favorite AE ever, being sold to the highest offer to fund New55.  I want to get $1000 for this lens, which has a 3 day return privilege, shipped to the US location for free via UPS, or elsewhere at your cost.

Yes, I know this is twice what the regular AEs go for. If you want the best, this may be for you. Call at the lab for more information (you can get the number here) or email me via the same route.
This lens is SOLD. I hated to let it go, as I am sure I will never see another, but it is going to a good home. Thank you for supporting New55!


SOLD! Waterbury Scovill Brass Lens with rotary stops

 SOLD to a lucky person!

Lovely Waterbury Scovill 10" lens in excellent original condition, original surface finish, glass clear and unmarked, and smooth working rotary stops. Comes with screw in mounting flange. I will mount this onto a Pacemaker style lens board for an additional $25 so you can enjoy this antique single element meniscus with your focal plane shutter.

Realistically priced at $300.  Shipping to US locations $12 via UPS only.

All proceeds go to support the development of New55 FILM

How to Buy

Submit $312 (lens+shipping) or $337 (lens + lensboard + shipping) to

It's easy: Go to and select "send payment". Follow the instructions and use a credit card or your own paypal account.  Paypal is a safe and convenient way to conduct this transaction.

Include your shipping address.

nice original condition




SOLD - Brand View 4x5 SOLD

The famous, or infamous Brand View rotating back 4x5 view and press camera has a dubious reputation among "real" photographers who saw it as a cross between a proper view camera and something hand holdable, sort of like a press camera.  The Brand View is certain to have been designed by someone with multiple purposes in mind, as it squashes down to a compact handful and extends like an elephant's trunk, if you need it.  There are over 11 separate aluminum/magnesium castings that go into the Brand View, and they keep it rather light in weight.

 Amazingly, this orphan of a view camera is actually a pretty good camera if you can overlook its homely pedigree and somewhat industrial aspect.  The rotating back is a spring type with enough travel to accept a 545 or other instant back, and any sheet film holder securely. I have used this camera with the equally historical Calumet rollfilm back and produced a portfolio of sharp photographs of catalin radios, years ago.  Now it is ready for you to extend its double rails, tilt that back, and focus with the probably expensive double helix thread.

From California, LA no less, so we know it was influenced by something like grip equipment.

 Check out that shift, and the cast-in handle. Wow, what a lot of parts.

The bellows is actually "new" - I had a new one put on just before I found my Pacemaker.

The Brand View is bound to impress visitors and produces a perfectly good projected image onto film for making of real photographs.

This Brand View comes with a lensboard to accept the lens of your choice, which you supply.  Recommended are lenses with focal lengths greater than about 135mm, as the bellows are a little too long for wide angle lenses. Long lenses are not a problem, and the long bellows makes this camera good for tabletop and other closeup photography.



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