SOLD! Waterbury Scovill Brass Lens with rotary stops

 SOLD to a lucky person!

Lovely Waterbury Scovill 10" lens in excellent original condition, original surface finish, glass clear and unmarked, and smooth working rotary stops. Comes with screw in mounting flange. I will mount this onto a Pacemaker style lens board for an additional $25 so you can enjoy this antique single element meniscus with your focal plane shutter.

Realistically priced at $300.  Shipping to US locations $12 via UPS only.

All proceeds go to support the development of New55 FILM

How to Buy

Submit $312 (lens+shipping) or $337 (lens + lensboard + shipping) to

It's easy: Go to and select "send payment". Follow the instructions and use a credit card or your own paypal account.  Paypal is a safe and convenient way to conduct this transaction.

Include your shipping address.

nice original condition