TILTING 150mm f2.8 Xenotar

For those who previously asked to be notified you may be pleased to know that this lens, tilting mount, spare Pacemaker Graflex board with retainer, and helicoid are possibly available.

Use on your Pentax 67 for amazing tilt photography and on your Speed Graphic for superb results the Xenotar is known for and has delivered for New55 in its posted shots.

What could be more wonderful, unusual, and rare than a tilt lens for a Pentax 67 that focuses to infinity with a tilt?  And that tilt lens is a Schneider Xenotar 150mm f2.8! The lens is in perfect condition, no marks, and certainly no scratches, mounted in a custom machined tilt that attaches to a Pentax 67 helicoid, itself a desirable and scarce item.

I am selling this lens to support New55.  The barrel Xenotar would sell - for who knows. I put a lot into the mount. Offers are being considered and if nobody wants to buy this I will sell the parts separately.  And by the way, YOU can, if you buy this lens, use the lens on your 4x5 very easily, and the helicoid on other lenses for your P67.

Another lens I hate to part with. Click on the photograph to see its near bokeh which is very good and the center sharpness on the Pentax 67.  Below is another shot using the Xenotar f2.8 150mm on the Speed Graphic at about f8.  It does it all.

Shot wide open on a Pentax 67 and processed in monobath!
Cropped Xenotar shot. Click and fill your screen to see the details